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Just a quick hello to everyone here. I hope you had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate or don't. A
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Hey y'all, I'll be posting a new story in Spelli's Storytime in a little while. I apologize for not posting yesterday like I said I was going to. I fixed dinner, sat down to relax
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Hi everyone, I couldn't sleep so I thought I would drop in for a short and quick moment to let you know that I've been having migraines really bad again.... That is why I haven't been on.... Hard on the eyes and head!!!!!....  I'm starting
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Hi Y'all, Just dropping in real quick to let ya know I'll be back later. Hehehehe!!!! It's EARLY 6 AM here and I have lots to do, so I'm waving and hugging and sending kisses. Love and
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Hi y'all, I just wanted to stop in to let you know that I'm still around. I had some wisdom teeth pulled and I've been feeling not so good. Other than that, I am doing good. I will try to
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I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you for leaving me all the comments you left for me while I was away. You're the sweetest fiends ever! 
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Today is the Birthday of a very special Angel. Her name is April, my Daughter. She is now an Angel in Heaven. Happy Birthday my sweet Angel. I love you and miss you.