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by VeroMariquita 03.09.2019    Comments: 18    Tags: quiz  
What is your favorite word? (and why?) Mine is...... "Why"
by VeroMariquita 28.08.2019    Comments: 14    Tags: polk  
I was walking through the house and just randomly picked up a pamphlet/booklet from some of the material that Gina uses for her homeschooling. The little book was about the life of James K. Polk,
by VeroMariquita 26.08.2019    Comments: 9    Tags: clap  
Everything seems to be working ok!!
by VeroMariquita 21.08.2019    Comments: 5    Tags: joke  
by VeroMariquita 21.08.2019    Comments: 14    Tags: turtle  
Look who dropped by for lunch!
by VeroMariquita 17.08.2019    Comments: 5    Tags: feta  
by VeroMariquita 10.08.2019    Comments: 22    Tags: stellacookies  
Hey, Vic, look what I found at Wal-Mart!
by VeroMariquita 08.08.2019    Comments: 8    Tags: words  
I almost made a major boo-boo!! Me...the queen of the grammar police!!
by VeroMariquita 07.08.2019    Comments: 9    Tags: monarch  
by VeroMariquita 04.08.2019    Comments: 17    Tags: walk  
Down in the south, there are many churches known as "answer back" churches. When the preacher says something, the congregation naturally replies. One Sunday, a preacher was speaking o
by VeroMariquita 31.07.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: song  
He cleans up purty nice, yes?
by VeroMariquita 29.07.2019    Comments: 15    Tags: song  
My favorite song by Anne Murray.
by VeroMariquita 29.07.2019    Comments: 18    Tags: cool  
Don't expect to see me around very much tomorrow. Our local power company has a planned power outage scheduled
by VeroMariquita 28.07.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: words  
 Himalayan Himalayan Possum Soup for supper, cause I found Himalayan on the road.
by VeroMariquita 28.07.2019    Comments: 7    Tags: food  
...along with a beef pot roast and mashed (not smashed) taters. Maybe some biscuits.
by VeroMariquita 28.07.2019    Comments: 4    Tags: funny  
by VeroMariquita 26.07.2019    Comments: 14    Tags: cordless  
by VeroMariquita 25.07.2019    Comments: 11    Tags: taters  
Tater week has been a smashing success! I want to thank everyone for their robust participation!
by VeroMariquita 18.07.2019    Comments: 19    Tags: posts  
Ok so pretend I am on the outline page.... I read something that triggers an impulse for me to do a  blog or note... I look around (on the outline page) for a "Quick post box" with the proper links to b
by VeroMariquita 18.07.2019    Comments: 30    Tags: taters  
Fresh taters from the Veronique Mariquita Farm.
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