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by Midianlord 23.08.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: mmo gaming  
Yup, it turns out my GPU itself had gone "urp." But a quick under-warantee RMA (RMA = Return Merchandise Authorisation) later, and back in we go! Glad I could actually play Wildstar now, if/when I receive an invite to the Beta-testing. For now tho
by  31.12.2012    Comments: 9    Tags: shmooze  
I wonder what's actually working on shmooze... Tried to upload videos, they go to never never land , tried to upload music, "YOU HAVE NO ACCESS...", too many redundant buttons..., tried to write a note (this note), I ought to tag it....
by SecretCorners 08.04.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: thatcher  iron pants  
Margaret Thatcher dies following stroke.
by SecretCorners 20.02.2013    Comments: 7    Tags: 16 year old slut  
"(CNN) -- An anti-abortion legal organization in Texas has won a restraining order against the parents of a 16-year-old girl, saying that the couple is trying to coerce the teen into having an abortion." That is fine; what the parents need to tell the daughter is that if she wants to have
by SecretCorners 31.12.2012    Comments: 0    Tags: abandoned places  
If you have an interested in old abandoned places then you will certainly want to visit this website.
by  05.01.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: misc  
I know I should just say thank you, but I can't. "Anonymous"...I'm to
by SecretCorners 08.04.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: healthcare  
It appears that some may find their full-time job cut to part-time and the nice current health insurance coverage they enjoy dropped meaning that under the law they will have to buy their insurance totally on their own or pay a tax to the US government. 
by lorieh 19.03.2013    Comments: 16    Tags: multiply  
Anybody else noticing that Multiply is MIA? I was just on there this morning and posted a blog and then POOF!! You could not access the website anymore. Darnit!!! I didn't get to say another good-bye and it had been so long since my first good-bye it called for another one. Oh well, we knew it wa
by MoiMoii 08.01.2013    Comments: 3    Tags: deleting photos  
When I first tried to post a (One) profile photo, I had loads of difficulty scaling down the size of many photos but most ended up with the head/face partly or half cut off. So I kept trying with different p
by SecretCorners 26.03.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: gay-pride  westboro church  
The house across the street from Westboro Church is now a gay-pride centre and they painted the house in the gay-rainbow colours. Article at
by  04.01.2013    Comments: 0    Tags: friends  
This code is from the website the code is good until 01/09/2013 X7S8-DRJV-UKF6-9C08J2 it is for a free calendar
by SecretCorners 17.05.2013    Comments: 5    Tags: blogster is shitty  
It seems that Blogster started failing last night, with blog posts disappearing and general chaos all around.  Now it is off line completely.  A friend on Blogster rang me earlier to let me know since my ip address is blocked.  A check did return that the server was 500 at some point, don't know
by Midianlord 05.11.2014    Comments: 3    Tags: rants  
...For the first Midian Nation-related post I've felt the urge to do in a long time. Inspired by this. Something like this need not be a portent of doom, but a more obvious-than-ever reason to enshrine the inte
by SecretCorners 27.04.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: 6 year drives  
"A 6-year-old Lapeer boy took his family's car for a spin and made it about 3 miles before he was stopped by other motorists Saturday morning. "I opened the door and asked him what he was doing," Lapeer County Sheriff's Deputy Karl Sapp said Sunday. "He told me he was going to the dealer t
by SecretCorners 29.12.2012    Comments: 2    Tags: scumbag laywer  
It seems the first scumbag lawyer has step forth to sue over the Sand Hook shooting.$100m-sought-in-newtown-school-shooting/
by not3bad 05.01.2013    Comments: 2    Tags: dance equation  electropop  
Hi Everyone My first note is a more detailed rehash of my current status.  Dance Equation's first release is out on Monday!  To find out more information and watch a video go
by SecretCorners 23.07.2013    Comments: 1    Tags: shark tank  
  It's the long-ago days of the 20th century, and this pilot fish is working as a developer for a small software vendor. "Standard procedure required me to write documentation detailing the changes and bug fixes every time I released a new version of our product," fish says. "Our co
by SecretCorners 19.03.2013    Comments: 3    Tags: michelle shocked  gay hate  
I had never heard of Michelle Shocked before today; and I guess that was a good thing.  Seems she paused in the middle of a performance to spew forth some hate towards gays.  As a result, she is losing concert venues and it appears that FaceSucks has removed her page.  Courting bad karma is never
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