And now for the bullshit of the day

Seems that a new Smithsonian exhibit is “All Work, No Pay: A History of Women’s Invisible Labor.”  The idea is that women do all the work around the house and don't get paid for it.  Well, men also do work around the house and don't get paid for it; and some of that work would cost a pretty penny if hired from outside, like lawn maintenance, plumbing, electrical work, auto maintenance and so forth.  This whole idea that women are not being paid for working about the house is part of the whole Cultural Marxist bullshit.  The idea is to undermine families with this notion that women are being taken unfair advantage of in relationships.  Not once do they mention the work that men do around the home and does not receive pay.  The reward is that a husband and wife (or partners) work together to establish a nice home for each other.  And of course they are going to mention the bullshit gender pay gap that even left leaning institutions has debunked.

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  •  ghostrider: 

    HUNNY.I cleaned that drippings of coffee off the floor...should add stinky coffee odor..haha.anyways movin forward...and the sugar....oh hunny you gotta pay me in humm for watching your mut all ya..when you call theories to a partner whom gets paid..ya got

    there is always lopsided stuff that happens in a good relationship as much as a messed up on to given points..but there is a few out there .those folks beat each other over a dime..I knew a few..ha!..

    but it should not be all about paying a partner to do something..or repettive bribing at that..the 2 have got to get along and give what ever to try to make things work out ..well there a lot of things relations should keep at bay..but there s always a bunch out there that typically end up clueless and that relation ends up wasted efforts..ha..dumb me.after 23 educated quick but i do know far as when things get a little hectic.I get called upon only to help plan..because I always try to use good judgement calls least lately more so being someone learned no lotto buying since the start of this actually start to see legos stacked together..more you stack.bigger it short ,its all a positive seeing actual change in 2 accounts  that never did in 5 yrs..not mine by the "name edit"..but hey..sometimes it takes someone a little encouragement to for see a little bit ahead of the next few miles so to speak..

    but all in all you both gots to stick it out hand in hand to really appreciate the hard work..and give see a reward...and someone seeing a reward that never had in life..positives are always the best.

    should not say this..but I bet my x of 23 plus is wishing to had a betting the grass died way over yonder where ever {#}

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  •  SecretCorners: 

    Are we suppose to ask each other now "How much are you going to pay me?"  Dear, how much are you going to pay me to cook supper?  Dear,. how much are you going to pay me to change the oil in your car?  This is bullshit and does nothing but hurt us; let's stop this bullshit.

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Posted: 19.03.2019
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And now for the bullshit of the day