Blogster is down

It seems that Blogster started failing last night, with blog posts disappearing and general chaos all around.  Now it is off line completely.  A friend on Blogster rang me earlier to let me know since my ip address is blocked.  A check did return that the server was 500 at some point, don't know the current error being reported.

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  •  KillaWabbit: 

    Bunneez not going to gloat, we have had our own share of tech problems along the way. Feel sorry for all the users who were inconvenienced.

     2066 days ago 
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  •  Greystarfish1: 

    All websites should do nightly backups.

    Aimoo Groups crashed earlier this month.

    They do nightly backups. They were able to reload all of the data.

     2071 days ago 
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  •  augiedoggy: 

    Here's the explanation that was posted.  There were quite a few people who were annoyed, especially about  getting no notice. There was some discussion of alternative sites, so I mentioned shmoozezone.  Will I get de-blogstered, do you think? 

    " The table 'requests_live' is full" ---> It means that the database was full. 

    What happened? You see, when we delete things on blogster, it still sits in the database. The only way for it to be cleared is to be purged - something that only a programmer should and can do.

    Because of the way databases are structured on blogster, you can not automate this process. You have to manually do it, record by record - or back up the data,  wipe the database and then do a restore.

    Data was backed up, cleaned.. restoring however took 6 - 7 hours. 

    I know blogster was down for almost 24 hours. 

    The first restore bogged down because there was a power failure where the I.T. Guy was working from. Secondly, blogster had to be restored using several steps -- steps that only bobski knew. He had to wait till the server was back up [which unfortunately shut down while the I.T. Guy fell asleep - after working for 16 hours, who wouldn't?]. 

    Once it was back up, everything was tested and the restoration was done.

    Now for the question and answer portion:

    So if this error comes up again, will we lose our data?

    Lose our data - meaning posts, no. But it will take approximately 10 hours of down time. You have no idea how bloated blogster's database is after all these years. Nevertheless, it takes 7 hours to restore the database alone. However this is the first time this has shown up. So.... I don't expect to see this again any time soon.

    I saw 2011 posts earlier. I thought blogster lost their data.

    To those who saw earlier posts, the last major back up bobski did was last 2011. The I.T. Guy had to restore using that first to test things out, then use the updated database.

    HOLY S*** you don't do back ups?

    Well, that was then. The I.T. Guy also set up a system in place wherein nightly backups of blogster will be done automatically from hereon. That is midnight, PST.

    Who is this I.T. Guy? Where is Bobski?

    Bobski is working on blogster on part time. That is, only when needed. I.T. Guy is based in Canada and is available, also only when needed. I.T. Guy doesn't believe in blogs, therefore, he doesn't have a blogster account.

    So what do we do when these errors show up?

    • Inform me or mamakat, if I am not around. I am online on facebook from 1am  - 5pm EST. I get notifications on my phone.
    • If you have a facebook account, go to: and post it there.
    • To those who have my email, PLEASE email me.
    • I thank Nota, Anacoana, mamakat, ILC and Action Time for bringing the problem to my attention both through their posts and messages.

    Will you warn us next time blogster will shut down?

    Yes I will...or will make sure somebody does.

    Please sound off your heartaches and rants below. Also, PLEASE SUGGEST what we can do next time.

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  •  Greystarfish1: 

    I wonder if, they had a data base failure or crashed? Aimoo Groups crashed earlier this month. 

     2072 days ago 
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  •  diogenese19348: 

    Well they figured out how to  put up a 404 page finally...

    Blogster is currently down for maintenance. Please check back later. The Management

     2073 days ago 
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Posted: 17.05.2013
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Blogster is down