...For the first Midian Nation-related post I've felt the urge to do in a long time.

Inspired by this.

Something like this need not be a portent of doom, but a more obvious-than-ever reason to enshrine the intellect above all.

Ironic, coming from a trucker, but just think about it a little...My own thoughts on this are as-yet rarefied, but that's percolating, slowly but surely.

Watch these spaces.

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  •  indian_summer: 

    Thanks for the vid and your words, Dan ... My thoughts about the bots are conflicting ... I just hope the computerized cars won't happen here as long as I live ;) ... Well, lets see ...

     1534 days ago 
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  •  legacycowgirl: 

    It's good to see you just posting your words here again:)

     1534 days ago 
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  •  SecretCorners: 

    I look forward to your posts when they come.

     1535 days ago 
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Posted: 05.11.2014
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