It's Friday!

What are the weekend plans?

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  •  ghostrider: 

    weekend plans..humm those change quick as of geared to fish one morn to 2 hrs later driving to gameland to set 2 cams will get a mem card swap in few days.

    attempting to do a few min here there on the car.provding no distractions to have to go anywhere.up early to go pick someone up and haul them to work for a must need situation .and hope a ten in gas donation because I dont get paid weekly like some.hhahaha

    besides.reserving for octobers we could call that planning on

    sunday who knows.foot cant forget to watch those boys laso up the first game of the

    did i mention eat and drink what tea I make unless I run out animated-laughing-smiley-emoticon_(2).gi or what is cooked up?

    you know its sun tea.even if cloudy..reason hot water is a cheatlol

    cheating is evil.but its acceptable biker-3512.gif

    grass is fresh cut.not doing weeds or pick up the cornhole

    no eating onions.I may fart a dozen times{#}

    what else what else

    hehehe...hope this helps.subject to change with out consent!

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    •  ghostrider: 

      ill do a many things can change..even my mood! {#}

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Posted: 06.09.2019
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It's Friday!