Let's Race to the Bottom

This is also the bullshit of the day but I know we have some new members.  New York wants to destroy the education system in a race to the bottom.  They already removed English proficiency  as a requirement for teachers to be employed because Blacks couldn't pass the tests.  Now they want to destroy the schools that are working to give the best and brightest students the best education as possible.  The article linked below is just full of bullshit after bullshit.  I grew up in a poor family.  My Mum got us ready for school each morning; including a hot breakfast that she cooked and not some damn sugar laden cereal from a box, and we were never late and never missed a day unless we were sick.  I think it is true, the regressive left destroys everything it touches; and I think it is by design, they want to destroy Western Civilisation because it has been the best driving force for betterment of the world.

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Posted: 03.09.2019
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Let's Race to the Bottom