September 11

My training is in science; I deal in facts, true data and not in bullshit science use to lie to people about what happened to the Twin Towers.  The towers fell because explosive were set to bring them down. End of story.

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    This is one "conspiracy theory" which does seem to have the facts on its side, especially in the area of the physical causes, based on scientific analysis.

    The use to which the disaster was put, as rationale and propaganda to steer the country into a state of 'war on terror', and to greatly increase anti-Muslim prejudice among the population, provide the motive part of the equation.

    The US economy had been declining toward recession since Bush's election, and wartime industry has often been used as a stimulus, as well as focusing the attention on a foreign enemy instead of domestic policy.  In combination with the influence of the neocons, who had plans to weaken and control several middle eastern countries, having a new Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, or Maine attack might be a credible plan. 

    Historically, such events have been caused either by baiting the enemy into an attack or simply making up a version of an event accusing them.  It would need to be serious enough to enrage the public and make it agreeable to military attacks in revenge, while suppressing opposition to war and to the current administration.

    Perhaps simply ignoring intelligence warnings and allowing the AQ to succeed would not have been spectacularly destructive enough.  The buildings had to collapse.

    Had the demolition charges been there all along, or were they inserted just before September 11?  I'm guessing they were built in, just because they didn't want buildings that tall to ever fall over sideways.  That would have to be a top secret fact, as well as the means to set them off.

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  •  ghostrider: 

    {#}.inside job..10 yrs prior..was well educated on c4 and anything else far as demo even goes.

    if govt tells you yes, fuel will melt steel encased in concrete.we automatic have a case of under educated.


    they tell you 2 trade centers struck.but 3 went down

    folks witnesed 7 starting to fall on oposite side of the damage.and the damage would no how have made the building fall.

    so much havoc and dust.perfect time to blow down 7 while the other activities keeps the us under panic mode to not truly digest things that take folks buildings away seeing stuff  the water and highway.

    so much states passenger airliner..but more folks seen a grey faster moving plane.

    days prior.both buildings barely occupied.they had a light thing that was put up.that was the target area..but you know.folks that seen it remember "thats where the planes hit"

    media/govt spent a lot of effort to mass kill the whole thing its not inside but those whom understand things cant be easily fooled.

    no one yet has told or shared info from pbs station the airings the feds confiscated at the station and fbi knocking on the doors much like a residents in new oxford pa.bush and alquida bad deal that went down also just days prior..and trust me..had I had that tape..govt long had locked me up or I know govt can be just like mafia.

    but you know..folks are easily

    media speaks of 2 planes that was in the area..but there was footage of a 3rd in the actual passenger plane...why did they make the site of today what it is..and have a guy tell a story of folks coming to see ground zero the erie kinda kewl story he was on youtube.. past 4 days lots of diff info not seen has surfaced..some have surfaced from city folks still in fright after these yrs that passed .

    but hey..what can you do but feel sadden over the whole situation and pray for those whome endured the wrath even if visually up there durring the epic situation.

    was told for most my life.dont trust the corruptive govt.

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Posted: 12.09.2019
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September 11