The Regressive Left's War on Plastics Continues

It seems the regressive left's war on plastics continues.  Florida is the latest; St. Petersburg City Council voted to ban single-use plastic straws at events with 100 or more attendees.  Of course this ban will do nothing to address the plastic problem in the oceans.  Plastic in the oceans originate from Asia and India; unless of course you are a cult member of the regressive left in which you think it is the United States of America's fault for everything.

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  •  sleepy452: 

    Not all the US, but we can all improve. Personally, I live in the country so I just burn my plastic in a trash barrel. I don't think the left or anyone else will bitch too much about that, except I'm not recycling it. 

     132 days ago 
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  •  cosmicrat: 
    These Countries Produce the Most Plastic Waste
    1. China. Plastic Waste Generation Per Year: 59.8 million tons. ...
    2. United States. Plastic Waste Generation Per Year: 37.83 million tons. ..  Yes, we're only #2.  Is that the important fact here?  We can't fix what China does.  We need  to fix OUR part of the problem.  Individuals can decide what to buy and what not to, but we also have to demand producers stop pointlessly packing everything in plastic.

    Why is conserving the environment only a liberal/progressive political cause?  Why don't conservatives want to CONSERVE? Can we not agree that making trash that lasts forever, much of which ends up in streams, lakes, rivers and the ocean, poisoning fish and a bad idea?  Then I guess there's nothing we can agree on.

     132 days ago 
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  •  ghostrider: 

    seen 2 vids earlier was not  a us dock that was surrounded with hundreds of yards plastic rubbish floating around..but 1 was def in south africa..and well..there wass a lot of cities in the us with its knows areas of ppl that been proned to have trash all over the sidewalks..and along the curb..ny city as in like the bronx manhattan..chicago detroit pittsburgh slums of harrisburgh lancaster  scranton york.willmington baltimore ohh you im shur can figure 100 more ..and its relation to south america..but ..yeah..its not just the us..

     132 days ago 
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Posted: 12.06.2019
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The Regressive Left's War on Plastics Continues