The next two years are going to be unbearable

Well, it is not looking good for the next presidential race in the US.  We are still a good two years out but we will be inundated with political bullshit from the Democrats surrounding cultural Marxism.  Today one of the most racist Democrats there is has decided to run; Cory Booker.  All we are going to hear is gender bullshit, race bullshit, religion bullshit, and gay bullshit.  Creepy Joe Biden talked about systematic racism; he meant of course systemic racism; however, he is too stupid to know but the media quietly edited his transcript to correct the error.  Of course they never mention the systems in place for racism.  There is one of course, the system of affirmative action that discriminates against Whites;  sorry folks but refusing something to a person based on their skin colour is racism no matter how you try to spin it.

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Posted: 02.02.2019
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The next two years are going to be unbearable