You Listened to the BS, Now Listen to the Facts

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  •  cosmicrat: 

    Cute.  Blame the "left" for the right wing?  Why not blame honest people for crime, or good drivers for traffic accidents?

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    •  SecretCorners: 

      First of all, your statement does not make any sense.  The video was about demonising Whites is pushing them from the left towards the right.  What the hell does that have to do with crime or traffic accidents?  Oh, that is right, you were trying to deflect but see, I am not an idiot so it won't work on me.

      What about the facts presented in the video?  They are real facts.  Now it does appear that the Democrat "leaders" only care about securing Blacks and Hispanics votes; flooding the country with Hispanics is one way the Democrats plan on securing permanent power.  There is no way that any right leaning organisation could get away with demonising Blacks the same way the left leaning organisations are demonising Whites.  So it is no wonder that this constant attack is driving Whites away from the left and the Democrat party.

      However, the video also illustrates that your recent posts are not accurate; data presented clearly shows that.  Now I know presenting facts to you will not result in you reversing your rhetoric; you will only double down on it.  However, it will show others that your presentation was not truthful; which you may think it is but you haven't presented any data to back up the claims.

      I am a scientist; I deal with data and facts, not feelings.  Show me your data that I can vet and then I will consider your position.

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Posted: 05.09.2019
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You Listened to the BS, Now Listen to the Facts