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I love making quick breads because they are so easy to make and the end product is delicious. Just mix the ingredients together in a bowl, pour the mixture into a bread pan, pop in the over and in quick order one has a delicious treat.
Cuisine: Other
1852 days ago · From SecretCorners
A popular favourite for the holidays is magical biscuit bars. They are magical both in the way they are made, and in the way they will disappear after you make them. These biscuit bars are so easy to make and they are simply scrumptious.
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1854 days ago · From SecretCorners
All through the years when I was growing up, a part of the holiday season was Mum baking a fruitcake. When I was little, I simply watched as my sisters help Mum in the kitchen with mixing the ingredients together and baking the cake. Later when my sisters had left home, it was just me and Mum togeth…
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1857 days ago · From SecretCorners
During the holidays I like to prepare a simple chocolate candy, both dark chocolate and white chocolate. Making the candy is very easy and quick, and it is a treat that doesn't stay around for long. There are just two ingredients in the candy, chocolate and chopped nuts.
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1862 days ago · From SecretCorners
Since Thanksgiving is in a couple of days away, I thought I would share my pumpkin pie recipe.  Pumpkins contain a lot of water so be sure to allow your pumpkin to drain well after cooking.  I place the pumpkin in a colander and place the colander over a bowl and let drain overnight in the refrigera…
Cuisine: American
1879 days ago · From SecretCorners
I went to a local restaurant once and order their Mexican cornbread with my meal.  What I got was a horrible dry crumbly substance that could hardly be called cornbread, yet alone Mexican cornbread.  It is not difficult to make Mexican cornbread and how they manage to screw it up is beyond me.  I ha…
Cuisine: Mexican
1925 days ago · From SecretCorners
An Easter tradition for me is baking a coconut cake and decorating it with peeps and eggs. The tradition was started by Mum who always baked a coconut cake for Easter and would decorate it with peeps and eggs and of course I would help her. I added the "green grass" to the decorations one year and t…
Cuisine: Other
2139 days ago · From SecretCorners
One favourite that will always quickly disappear is peanut butter biscuits (cookies). Peanut butter biscuits are so easy to make; I like to place a few peanuts on top for decoration and to add a bit of a crunch. Chocolate chips added to the top would also be a wonderful addition. These are a wonderf…
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2158 days ago · From SecretCorners
I was in a shop and came across a pot of whole berry cranberry sauce with no preservatives added.  It occured to me that the cranberry sauce would make some great muffins.  I brought the cranberry sauce home with me and the muffins turned out great; therefore, I am sharing the recipe in case you wou…
Cuisine: American
2161 days ago · From SecretCorners