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Fucking Rights I Did...

Yeah, really.
Apparently, using a borderline neo-Nazi conspiracist --BlackPenisSquirts or something like that-- to get a response from a Slavic-Jewish Canadian about the political climate of Canada doesn't count as "provocation" to some. Pontificating about the same even if you've probably never eve…

105 days ago
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Happy Birthday/Bonne Anniversaire, Old Friend...

Yeah, we're still around.
And maybe the Walking Pubic Louse will finally force us to remember we have a spine again.
Stupid fucking American'ts, fuck me already...
You need us --we don't need you, and never have.
And cunts, you will soon learn exactly what that means.
(Did I mention, our next Federa…

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Much Credibility, Such Wow...

Yeah, because I really needed an American not-so-closeted neo-Nazi like this alt-Right YouTube cliché --among deplorably many others-- to lecture me about how Canada works. (I'm pretty sure this inbred trailer-trash has never even left his home state.).
I haven't gone through more than a couple of h…

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You Get What You Pay For...

It would seem that nobody ever told the incredibly generous paragon of the community who built that bridge in Florida that cheap labour = cheap results.
Apparently, Munilla Construction Management won the tender for the FIU bridge at USD 14.2mn.
I wonder just how many more millions were handed to pe…

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There May yet be Hope...

I've had my eye on this game for awhile --Might get it, although the developer needs to patch out some technical issues, first.
ATT'N: Regressive left idiots:
This game is intended to be an RPG in an historically-accurate/"realistic" setting --

There were almost certainly no "PoC"'s in Bohemia in 1…

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This city used to have a soul. Calgary was an absolutely awesome, totally kick-maximum-ass place to be and grow up in/around
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Well, Shit...

Stephen Hawking has finally shuffled off this wretched, nasty mortal coil. The totality of human intellect just got that much smaller, and that much closer to drowning under that stinking slick of fear, greed, and banality.
(Aside: By what I've read, his disease should have killed him at least 25 ye…

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